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What is ACPAFI?

ACPAFI is a versatile 4 - in - 1 application which serves as a digital pocket guide for citizens in Alameda. You can use ACPAFI to find new restaurants, schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. in your area. Best of all, it's free to use!
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Features of ACPAFI


ACPAFI accurately locates the user by Internet or GPS (when available) and displays the POIs that you are looking for. User can also select another city in Alameda instead of using the GPS.

Car Finder

ACPAFI mobile users will love using their handy car finder, which allows you to mark the location of your car by GPS and quickly find the path back to your car.


Residents of Alameda can easily access and view all the county resources available to them. This includes a searchable list of hotlines, library hours, etc.

Report Incident

ACPAFI collects data from contributing users to inform you about any incidences such as potholes, blown street lamps, power outages, earthquakes, etc.